Tuesday, 9 March 2010

new weigh in day...

Ta dah! I managed to pull off a stay the same. I will so take that. I was up 2lbs all week. And my period is here. And I ate shit lot of bad food this weekend. I also went to the gym and did a last chance work out.
What I ate:
Half a 12inch veggie pizza with extra cheese and added onion rings washed down with two glasses of wine.
Beer battered fish (huge) with fries. Falafel and hummus. That was washed down with an entire bottle of wine and a glass of cider.
6 chocolate malteser rabbits
combined with the fact i was so tired. ( i find it hard to just sleep with some in my bed so fricking used to sleeping alone)

Current weight: 19 stones 1 pounds (267 lbs)
Previous weight: 19 stones 1 pounds (267 lbs)
Highest weight: 21 stones 3 pounds (297 lbs)
Weight loss this week: stayed the same
Total weight lost: 2 stone 2 lbs (30 lbs)
I did make it to the gym for a small 45 work out. Better than nothing right? I don't have time to do a picture. Got a lot to do today. And I just sliced my finger open. But I sliced the bagel eventually! Must go do.


Anonymous said...

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Learning to be Less said...

Congrats. Sometimes those stay the same weeks are a huge relief. Sharing your bed......sounds like someone is having fun in life. Sleep can come later!

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

Yay for staying the same! PS: Ignore that HCG guy, seriously, it fucks with your body. Yes you lose weight, but you pop a pill made of pregnant woman piss and eat near to nothing. Great way to lose weight, right?

Also, you want to be on track? Let your sweetie pie know that you've got a plan, and it requires time away from him at the gym and healthy food! Simone 30 lbs is a wicked loss, but if you keep eating that way sugar eventually the weight will creep back up, and then some. Be careful! If you need help sugar, I'm here!

TJ said...

TOM woke me up this am...bastard! ggrrr I like that we have the same weigh in day now. Easier to keep track. Everyone should do Tuesdays! lol :) xoxo

Mudflap Girl said...

Wow, so close to falling off the wagon over the weekend but we have ALL been there and done that too. Something about the homones that makes us not care about our goals and our plans. I hope you've got it under control now. Sounds like you're back on track now!! Sometimes when I blow it I stay in the binge mode for way too long before I get back to healthy eating. Maybe now is the time to refreshen your goals and evaluate the situation to look forward into your journey. That's where I'm at myself right now so I kind of feel like I can relate. I was bad for a long time and now I'm trying to re-adjust and get this part of my life over with.

Scuttleboose said...

Ah, the joys of new romance! Eat it up! :)

antgirl said...

The same is fab. It's a trick not many learn and it's an important one. :D

Dating sounds like it's going really well. :D

Tricia said...

OMG, who you sleeping with?? Jezebel! I'm behind the times, man. You really made me want fish n chips. Grr.

Beth @ fatbustermack said...

Wow, HCG spam. Ugh! You did a great job! Staying even is sometimes the best thing ever!

arielcircleofnine said...

and great, now I want hummus! I dont know what malteser rabbits are, but I'll have half a dozen too!!!
good job staying the same ;-)

big_mummy said...

you got spamz!


fyi: my word verification is "unhous" its like it knows you man!