Monday, 8 March 2010

A small update!

This is me last year. How fricking fat is my face? DISGUSTING. I look like a marshmallow women. My cheeks are so fat my eyes look they are squinting! Baaad. Look at those chins!

Here I am still trying to post!

The weekend. I am concluding that dating is bad for the dieting!

Seriously... we end up going out for lunch or dinner or ordering in all the time. And I am all ok... sure.. lets eat here.... because I am happy and its easier to go with the flow. And then we ended up having two dates in a row which meant we spent the entire weekend together. lol. so no studying and no exercise. Not even sexercise. Stupid period.

I just made the most delicious mushroom omelette for breakfast! Light and fluffy and yum yum yum! I need to mix up the breakfast. I have the same thing pretty much every day.



Alexia said...

Ugh, the boyfriend layer is the worst! Maybe you guys can do other things than have meals together. Ummm.

Tricia said...

Plan fun, "active" outings together. :) Enjoy the gym!

Katie J said...

Good girl Simone! GO TO THE GYM!!!

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

Romantic meals at home are not only healthier but more meals out lol. Also, easier to hop from dinner table to bed than when you're in public!

antgirl said...

Maybe a bike ride together. Or take out a boat and row around. Go on a hike or walk. The zoo. The botanical garden. Go kick around a soccer ball. Bring a nice picnic. :D Cut your sandwiches into stars, like in that movie "Mermaids." LOL

Or plan your working out around the weekends, if you're doing datey stuff.

Beth @ fatbustermack said...

I gained so much weight the first 6 months dating Dan. But by then we were so close that when I wanted to lose weight he was my biggest ally and now takes care of my culinary needs. He's so cute :) Go to the gym, and don't worry about it :)