Friday, 5 March 2010

that horrible exam time again!

I just got all my school deadlines. Just marked them on the calendar. Seeing them visually laid out is scary. The next two months are going to be extremely intense. It makes me nervous, more so for my weightloss. I look back on this time last year and I gained almost everything back over the exam period. It makes me feel sick just thinking about it. And I feel like I am on a pretty good roll right now.

The next couple of weeks will probably see me blogging less. I will try to post and stuff but I know my commenting will definitely suffer. So don't be mad if I'm not sticking my nose in your business as usual. I will be reading though. x

Excited for my date tonight :D
And though hugely overpriced I got some really cool music festival tickets for the summer. So good times.


Learning to be Less said...

Boo for exams! Worst part of school (besides boring lectures that put you to sleep, you learn nothing and then fail the exams). You will be strong and do great this time! I will miss your snarky comments but I understand.

Have fun on your date! Please post about it.

CJ said...

Oh! I know what you are talking about. I am suffering the same. Its understandable to blog less then.

Do keep posting as often as you can, I love your cute posts.

Katie J said...

Ughhh that is no fun but it will be worth it in the long run. I will miss you but you gotta focus.

PLEASE post about your date though. I need something juicy to hold me over... :-) xoxo Love you Simone!

arielcircleofnine said...

you got it, you will kick the exams right out of the park! take it easy on yourself, prioritize and you'll be just fine. Though I'll miss your comments, I'll totally understand :-)~
hope your date was the best!!

Beth @ fatbustermack said...

Good luck on the exams!! Can't wait to hear how the date went.

CactusFreek said...

Last year you were a whole other person. Practice what you have learnt and defeat the weight gain through exams this year. If you keep repeating the same mistakes, you'll never get off the roller coaster!

You can do it, come on :o)

SeaShore said...

Good luck with school!