Tuesday, 22 June 2010

The BAD the GOOD and the downright UGLY

I had a super great day! This the veggie garden update. It has doubled in size not that you can tell. Man, gardening is a good work out. We're going take it another 8 inches then we're done. It needs some more work before planting but it's on its way! Spent the day in the garden with the family. At one point there were three generations of family working on it. Pretty cool.

On the bad front I went to the nurse. I am only 4 pounds away from being back to my original starting weight. That was a bit of a shocker. :( Hopefully big motivation though.

This is me with my fat arms and legs on display. My gardening gear...


Katie J said...

It is a motivator! The way I look at it my lovely is that you are doing now what I should have done 20 years ago. You are ahead of the game so to speak. You can save yourself some heartache by changing now vs. 20 years of misery! Trust me when I tell you it is no fun.

BTW, that is why they call it the Freshman 40. When you are a student, nutrition is not on top of your list.

Anyhoo, hang in there and way to Wii you and me! xoxo

arielcircleofnine said...

awesomeness on the garden!!! you can get back on it--you and me both. Its tough to search for that motivation but maybe if we dig down deep!!!
:-D glad you had a great day

Michelle said...

Garden is looking great! We have such sandy soil its too hard to make things grow properly unfortunatly.

BTW, I tagged you in a Meme the link is here.

Val said...

Nice garden!! In north Texas, gardens are planted in March/April! It's too hot to go outside now-LOL!

Definite motivation girl! Keep plugging along :)

Have a great day!