Thursday, 24 June 2010

bad times

Prepare for some whining.

I got my final university results. Not good. Have to re-sit. I feel stupid. I should not be doing this so late in the game. I am absolutely gutted.

Couple that with being only 4 pounds away from being my original weight when I started the blog does not help. AT ALL.

I have cried for the last two hours. I feel much better for it. But still not feeling good.



F. McButter Pants said...

Oh Sweetie~

I am sorry. Soemtimes a good cry is just what the doctor order. Don't feel stupid, cause you're not. Do what you need to do. I know you can do it!

Dree said...

Huge hugs! Don't be sad, you can re-sit them and you'll make it up. You are not stupid at ALL, you're going to rock these re-sits. I know it.

Learning to be Less said...

Dude that sucks. Now you know, you have cried about it. make a plan. What small step can you do next that will help you and make you feel better about yourself?

If you lived here I would come over and exercise with you and make a nice, healthy dinner. Do something nice for yourself to feel good. Because you still worked hard.

Katie J said...

That just SUCKS ass Simone! Crying always seems to help me... but don't let this push you into self sabatoging behavior. This is when you need to assess the situation and map out a plan.

Hang in there sweetie! Everything will work out fine. xoxox Love you!

Scuttleboose said...

Take a nap (preferably while watching a sappy movie). Then get up and drink a lot of water and GET OUTSIDE!
blog hugs!!! It will get better!

Debby said...

Yep that sucks. I'd have cried too.

When are the resits? August? Quit crying an start studying now. A little at a time. Figure out where you went wrong. Do you get individual results so you know what to study?

You are not stupid. Stupid people wouldn't care.


arielcircleofnine said...

HUGS simone...this is a setback but, you can knock it out. Try not to lump it all together because that would feel much worse and just overwhelming. After the tears, make a plan. You can do it, you will do it. xoxo

TJ said...

big hugs my friend! just do what you need to do to finish and please hang in there! xoxo

Mark said...

Don't worry about being upset, it shows that you care. Worry when you're not.

Use this to drive you forward and succeed. If you never stop trying, you never fail. Chin up :)

spunkysuzi said...

"hugs" I totally understand getting upset but now you want to get ready for the resits and i have no doubt that you'll do great!!

Miz said...

I know that I NEED to cry
to embrace my feelings and squash that sh** like a grape on the roof of my mouth as only THEN can I move through and past.

Hope you are feeling even just a big brighter this morning.