Tuesday, 27 July 2010


Yep. A one pound loss on the nurse's scales! I will take that. I lost two pounds on my scales that was early morning naked weigh in. When I go to the nurse its full clothes and shoes. And post breakfast. So I will definitely take that. Still lied to her though. Because I did eat out. But shhhhhh.

The lovely Alexia inspired me to buy a mango. So I did. Stayed tuned as to whether I actually like it.

I am off to watch America's biggest loser and iron while I watch. No idea what season it is but I do love this show. Just finished an Australian series. I always get behind one person big stylee and go through the journey with them. Mine never win.


Debby said...

Yay you!!!!! That's an awesome loss. I'm proud of you.

I don't like mangos. I think they taste like vomit. I'm in the minority.

I love BL. I always end up liking one person too...but sometimes mine win! Always one I can't stand and am always thrilled when they don't win!

Scuttleboose said...

I do the same thing with Celebrity Rehab... hahaha, tragic!

Congrats on the pound! :) How about another one next week?

M Pax said...

Wooot! Wow, you iron? I just took mine to the cleaners. I'm very bad at ironing though.

big_mummy said...

mmmm mango i love. Frozen mango with orange juice, whizzed in blender.... mmm mmm mMMMMM

Alexia said...

congrats on the loss! and yayyy mango! did ya like it?!