Monday, 26 July 2010

nothing exciting here.

Just checking in. Doing the do.

Trying not to sit on my fat arse for more than twenty minutes at a time. It's kinda working. Helped my mother clean the bathrooms, did two hours worth of ironing and have spent all day cleaning and sorting out my parents bedroom, hanging out washing. I have even been cleaning at my grandmas (broke a piece of her china oops!) Im getting at least 30 mins of wii time in too.

Sneaky peek. Down two pounds on my scale but we will see what the nurse's scales say tomorrow. They seem to hate me.

Going swimming with my mother tonight. It will be the first time in like 20 years for her. So lots of mini victories are happening.

keep smiling :D


M Pax said...

What a great plan! Glad it's working for ya. Keep it up, UK That Girl! :D

Beth @ fatbustermack said...

ohh Have fun swimming! I swear Doc Office scales weigh heavy...judge yourself on your scale :)

Scuttleboose said...

You are doing so great! *hugs* Keep it up! :) ... and if you lose 2 pounds, can we split it? :-P

TJ said...

crossing my fingers for you at the doctors office scale! :) Good job staying busy...wanna come clean my house? lol

Have fun swimming!

big_mummy said...

weigh in tomorrow, i am rootin for you, your heads in a good place!

Googie said...

Way to go on the two pounds!! I hate those pesky doctor scales. I am not a fan of wearing a swimsuit even in my own home, but I hear it's great exercise!!

Miz said...

LOTS of victories (yes ma'am I left out the mini :)).

how went the swim?


F. McButter Pants said...

Ok those scales had better be kind. If not, remember how good it felt to do the right things this week. Just moving more feels good. Did you do your best?? That's all you can do my dear!

Crossing my fingers, legs, get the picture