Wednesday, 15 September 2010


I am off shopping to the big bright lights of Newcastle.

I know we will be eating lunch out.

Points Panic.


(i checked my scale this morning and IM DOWN. but not official w.w weigh in tomorrow)


Lizzie said...

panic not dear friend! have you got an eating out guide? What points are you looking to spend on lunch? have you planned your day? Have you any points banked from exercise you can use? Do you have any say in choice of eatery for lunch? Get back to me....

Miz said...

no panic, friend.
set yourself up for success when you order. make the best choices you can.
and enjoy.

life is too short not to.

Life as a Caterpillar said...

You will be fine! Plan before you order.

I went out to eat for the first time this week since being on the plan, and i kept within points, and lost 2.5lb this week

You can do it!


Alexia said...

you can def. make smart choices eating out. it's just friggin' hard to not choose the french fries i find. love, sweetheart!

Katie J said...

You can do it Simone! Just pile up on lots of veggies and you should do okay. Watch the portion sizes too. xoxox

Twinkle Eyes said...

You'll be ok. Hope you've had a good day shopping. Good luck for your WI tomorrow x

M Pax said...

What did you buy? I went shopping last week. Got jeans, a new winter coat and a sweater. I have a big thing for jackets and sweaters. And shoes. And bags. Hmmm, I'm such a girl, aren't I?

How is pedometer and Wii? They keeping you company at all?

My Big Fat Super Super Obese Blog said...

Yay good for you girlie, can't wait to see what the official weigh in is!

big_mummy said...

Panic not! I know its horrible but that mild panic is good to hold onto, means you care :)