Thursday, 21 October 2010

Bad bad bad bad bad times!

I haven't blogged in frick knows how long.

I skipped my w.w in last week.

I started a new job. I sit down for 8 hours.

My ankle is still absolutely killing me with pain to walk even the slightest of distances.

No exercise. I have eaten taken out food 6 times in 2 and a half weeks.

I went to tonights weigh in. Up 10 FRICKING POUNDS. HIGHEST WEIGHT EVER.

All the progress so far? GONE.

What do I feel like doing? Eating cake.

*sigh* I am in a really bad place right now.

I am so exhausted. I am going to bed. I will try to catch up with your blogs at the weekend.
I am in a very cry-y mood.


Katie J said...


You can't give up Simone! I know you are in a rough spot but hang in there. We are all here to help and listen. Maybe you should blog more frequently so you can be more accountable? Maybe you should journal your food. Something... anything that will get you back on track.

arielcircleofnine said...

Simone!! I agree with Katie. Do one small thing that makes you feel better, just one. Life has been overwhelming you lately; pain from the injury, the new job, and I have a feeling that *you* are coming in last! So, now to re-arrange a bit--you have fought so hard. Dont give up, you can do it!


Hi there, I've been doing the same yo yo thing too. Loose almost 30 pounds then gain in all back, loose 20ish pounds and gain it all back. But you just have to keep jumping on and keep going!

Don't give up! We can do this!!

F. McButter Pants said...

Cry it out then let it go. Tomorrow really is a new day. Just drink more water. It free for heaven's I would go crazy if I couldn't move and had a sore ankle.

You know what to do. You can't give up. I mean it.

big uffy hearet hug

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Simone! Simone! Simone!

What I've found on this journey is that when one wheel falls off, the rest of them tend to go rolling off in everywhich direction.

My advice? Slow down, take a deep breath and get it back together. You know what you need to do and you know why you need to do it. Slide back into the groove and let's get you headed back down the right road. You can do this...

Debby said...

I understand. I really do. I just started a new job too and man it's a new world for me. I haven't done the 9-5 thing for years and years...especially not enough of them to add up to 40 hours a week! My first week I ate cereal one night for dinner, popcorn one night, and another I stuck my finger in the peanut butter jar. I was just too tired to cook. This week was so much better. I broke out the crock pot and had a fabby meal every night. Small steps.

Take a deep breath and focus on one thing. You're new at your'll get it. We're here to help.

Googie said...

I hope you can get out of this mood soon. It sucks, but we all just gotta keep on keepin on.

Scuttleboose said...

Sending lots of hugs your way!

Beth @ Kitchen Minions said...

Oh Simone, I'm so with you on this. Life can suck. I spent a few minutes staring at candy pumpkins yesterday imagining myself eating all 7 servings. I know how work stress can just be the worst. I've gained 20 pounds this year from the stress. I'm trying to find something that will make me happy. Reading blogs do that. Also, it's at these moments that I realize how important friends are. so drop an email to me or someone else, so many of us are going through the same thing. I'm glad you are blogging again, we are here for you!