Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Another Day

Made me some delicious chilli.

Today I determined to get at least 5k steps. My target used to be 10k. Those were the days. But something is better than nothing. Got some walking into day. I am definitely feeling much more positive. I even have energy. I cleaned the bathroom from top to bottom yesterday, did quite a bit walking too. However it is majorly windy and very chilly here so I am finding it hard to go out and walk but I aim to go swimming again on wednesday. Hopefully that will become a regular fixture.

It's weigh in tonight. Got my fingers crossed.

Niggling doubts of the week: my cousins are over from Ireland. This to my family means lots of eating out and 'treats'. Must stay focused. Also this weekend coming I am coming I am off to Manchester to visit old uni friends which means lots of alcohol. I must behave. I hope I can have fun but not be too excessive. I will probably talk about that more later.

Over and out.


Maren said...

Goooood luck on your weigh-in! :D

Mom on a mission said...

Hoping for good numbers for ya tonight!!