Tuesday, 11 October 2011

The worst blogger that ever lived...

You will have probably forgotten who I am. I just about remember myself. Today I went to my w.w meeting for the first time in a long time. I actually lost three pounds. Got myself under a big weight marker that I never ever ever wanted to hit. EVER. I never ever want to get above that.

I hope that the weight watchers catchphrase of 'This time decide to lose weight for the last time' applies to me this time. I am at my absolute heaviest. If I go up one more size in clothes I am going to have to order specially made stuff and not be able to buy from shops. I completely cannot afford to do that. I am tired of avoiding social events, friends and photographs. I am sick of denying the things that make me happy which creates that vicious fat/depression circle.

A lot is going on at work right now that is stressing me out so I need to stay positive. I have been learning to drive for almost a year and am still crap at it. This makes me sad. I need more confidence and I hope that losing this fat will make me gain some.

Cross your fingers that my will power doesn't desert me and that this time is the last time.

Over and out.


LAF said...

Hey there! I'm re-starting as well and trying to get back on the right track. You are already doing great with the W.W. visit, keep up the good work!

Maren said...

It sucks.
But now you've restarted, and it can only go up from here. Or down, preferably!

I tweeted you to let you know I'll be following you here, so I hope you get back into blogging and back into losing weight like you want to! :)