Friday, 3 April 2009

calm after the storm

(i was going so fast towards the end and I couldn't get the last step in to round it up DAMN IT)

All is well on the weighty wagon. Firmly wedged on. *nods* Gutted I couldn't go to the gym this morning but helping out my gran is more important right now. My grandpa is coming home from hospital today and my sister is arriving some time this afternoon so its going to be busy busy busy. Hopefully means a lot of steps. Yay. Completely addicted to the pedometer now. I clocked in a 12,297 steps yesterday. Oh YEAH. And did 2 hours on the wii fit... although it didn't count one of my aerobic step sessions for some reason. Annoying.
I usually don't post the day after weigh in but... a. I have some things to get out. and b) I forgot some things from yesterday. TA-DAH my obligatory post weigh in picture. *nods* that's right the same drab clothes as every other week!!! Ah the slimming black.... (also my hair is super messy but now just long enough but the tiniest pigtails in.yay.)

Also I hadn't taken my inch measurements in while. So we measured up. Got a little surprise. And the numbers are....
(in inches)
ARMS 17 ARMS 18 -1
BUST 48 BUST 48 0
WAIST 42 WAIST 44 -2
HIPS 56 HIPS 57 -1
the two inch loss on the waist cheered me up immensely. happy with these numbers I am.

Also my other grandma who isn't sick but is very lonely told me something very interesting when I went to keep her her company the other day. She was impressed with my progress so far and had been putting five pounds in a jar every time I lost. I told her there was no need, I don't need the money incentive but being a grandma she knows best. However the most interesting thing she did say was that when me and my brother and sister were kids she never ever gave us child sized portions because she thought fat kids were cute. My mam was ill a lot when were younger and we spent A LOT of time at my grandmas house. I am not making excuses because I could have started losing weight along time ago but it is something to think on. I have always been over weight. Chubby kid at primary school then the fat kid at secondary school. I am not blaming her or anything but it does explain a little bit. I am not going to dwell on it or anything. Whats done is done. It is now that is important because I am actually doing something about it.

*deep breath*

:D I watched Hairspray last night (the most recent version) I love Travolta's part in it.(HILARIOUS) The reason I was bringing it was because its a fat friendly film. The fat girl gets the good looking guy. Seriously. He's so pretty. I HEART ZAC EFRON (though seriously high school music makes me want to scrape out my eyes with a rusty spoon. I fell asleep with hope a hunk like that will find me irresistible. *sigh*


Anonymous said...

my thoughts are with you as your grandpa comes home..isn't it amazing when family comes forward with bits and pieces of our past that we have forgetten, and who we are today begins to make so much more sense?

TJ said...

I love your Wii workouts! :) I wish mine wasnt all packed up. I need to get a pedometer. Im curious how many steps I take just going about my day. humm.


Losing Waist! said...

It is really interesting to find out things about our past, parents, people who helped raise us, etc... I know that it was pretty eye opening to put the pieces together, and realize my mother struggled with an eating disorder (anorexia) which explained her obsession with weight... and the fact that my dad also supported her being skinny at any cost... so I understood that the eating/weight issues they had with me, and passed on went much deeper than I first thought.

Anyway. You have a bit of insight right now, into your grandmother and your own weight issues. I don't know if you are angry with her... I would just let her put the money in the jar... it is probably giving her some closure on the fact she had something to do with your issues.

I am glad you found this information out!

Tricia said...

First off, your family sounds so cool! You all seem so close and's great to read about the stories.

That's a lot of steps, lady! You're doing awesome.

Dina said...

Congrats on your grandpa coming home!

Great job on the steps! That's almost exactly what I got yesterday! (but I still want a Wii Fit!)

Fab job on the inches lost!

Weren't you the one who doesn't like Adele? Well now I can get you back! I hate Zack Efron with a passion! I want to hold him down and tweeze his big caterpillar eyebrows!


antgirl said...

That is an interesting bit to learn. Good for you on the attitude about it. I've found that the healthiest way to deal with things - nod, forgive and move on.

I'm proud of you for finding your way back. That kind of gumption will see you through the whole of the transformation. It makes me all excited for you. :)

Emily said...

I love that version of Hairspray too!! :o) I re-watched the old one, but didn't like it as much... Funny that Ricki Lake is in the old and new one. That made me giggle.

I hope all goes well when your grandpa returns. :o) And you are doing amazing - those clothes in the photo are swimming on you!! :o)
*snaps for you*

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

Congrats on the inches lost! I told you they would show even if the scale doesn't!!!

My grandma fed me well too, it was her way of comfort after my parents split. Not their fault but...yeah.

SeaShore said...

Glad to hear your grandpa is coming home.

Well done on the inches lost!

My husband & I saw the touring Broadway production of Hairspray this week! Love Hairspray!

WonderLori said...

Glad Gramps is coming home! You're a great person for helping out so much. Congrats on the inches, too. It feels great, doesn't it?

ZAC EFFRON?!? And yet you mock my love of David? Pshaw! No accounting for taste, I suppose. The heart wants what it wants, I suppose. Hey! Do you realize what this means? We both like foreign men, just from each other's countries!

Sarah said...

hiya, i have never posted a comment to you before i am a serial lurker!

but the post about your sister and then following up with that you love hairspray and yes zac efron is yummy!!

so... here i am. hello!

you are so good for doing your wii workouts i need to get off my fat arse and get motivated to do them too. do you ache after?