Wednesday, 1 April 2009

the extra dreaded weigh in...

I have really dreaded this weigh in. Been a nightmare week despite getting myself on track. And last night at 10pm I was lying in the bath. A small little bit of panic set in. How much water was my body soaking up and was this conducive to my weigh in in the morning?Gargh where the weight losing mind will go next...

 Another loss would not bode well despite knowing the circumstances in which I fell off the wagon. Two consecutive gains would have been disastrous. However, I've managed to pull this week back. I PULLED OFF STAYING THE SAME. Oh my days, that actually feels good. I did work hard to claw this week back and finally my exercise feels like it bloody paid off. This weigh in has put me in good spirits. Which is great because the sun is shining and quite inviting... more outdoor walks! Yay for fresh air.

I've decided to not have my post weigh in treat. I feel like I definitely don't deserve it this week, definitely didn't derseve it last week either. Also it gives me a better chance of getting back on to my losing streak. Altogether feeling a lot more postive. *nods* YES. I will lose this week. Damnit.

Other numbers this week...

I was reading older posts in TJ's blog and remembered she'd posted some wii fit numbers. I went and looked back. Her advanced aerobic step numbers were over the 600s.  It in inspired me to beat her lol. I was averaging only 450 and felt like I needed to step up my game. I never quite made it to 6oo but 557 isn't too far away. So thanks, TJ for motivating me. So now my top four scores are all over 500. Yay. I get perfect scores stepping on but I just ok points coming off. I am working on that..... Also I did over 3,000 steps on the free step thingy whilst I watched the wire. Good stuff.

Another source of inspiration came from TMcGee's blog. She not only inspired me to get a blender and make delicious smoothies but after her addiction to counting steps I bought a pedometer. It is compulsive. I am constantly checking how many steps certain things take. My first full day yesterday and a clocked an ok 7775 steps. Which looking at it now is weird because I wish I had done two more friggin' steps for an even 7777. I like symmetry. I shall beat that number today.


Dina said...

Yay for not gaining weight!

You make me so jealous, I want a Wii!

7777 would be a great number :)

HopeFool said...

I would have gone for the 7777 too. I obsess.

Today I'm doing the Wii - I swear!

Bravo on not gaining!

Anonymous said...

Woo-hoo! You go girl! I suck at the Wii Fit step aerobics!

Tricia said...

I have to lose like 100 pounds to even be able to use the Wii Fit. Man, that SUCKS! I'll get there, dangit. Looks like fun, I want in!

Fat Lazy Guy said...

Better an addiction to the pedometer than an addiction to the scale, right? :)

I think you deserve that post weigh-in treat. You pulled the week back. You could've thrown it all away, but you didn't! If that's not something to celebrate then I don't know what is.

IRJessica said...

Okay?! I put one one thinking I might already take enough steps and validation would be fun. When the numer came back 1/3 of what I expected (3,000) I was flabbergasted.

You are doing great!

Anonymous said...

Yeah maintaining..You are gonna do great this next week..WHOOHOO

WonderLori said...

Hooray! Not gaining is great! You're working hard and I, for one, salute you! I'm thinking I should get a Wii myself but I'm so bad at video games I'd probably wind up with an injury. Imagine going to the emergency room with THAT one? Also, the word verification for this comment is "neste." Who else noticed that looks a whole lot like "Nestle," as is Crunch?

antgirl said...

Hoooooo!!! woooot woooot woooot!!!

I got quite a giggle over the soaking up water from the tub thing. I can panic about silly things like that, too. :)

Great going on finding incentives.

Emily said...

I am pleased for you that you didn't gain! :o) yay for you.
I have to ask for a Wii Fit for my birthday I have just decided. You are inspiring me to do it. I say it all the time that I have to get one. Well, I will!!
I did the normal wii yesterday - ouch! I can only imagine the pain I am going to be having when I do wii fit!!

You rock!! :o)

foolsfitness said...

Remember your inherent value too. You are “way” more than the “weigh” on a scale. Moreover health is about spiritual and mental well being too.

Think about total fitness. If you an you walk a bit more than before or a bit faster and how your clothes are fitting. Look where you came from as well as where you are and hope to go.

The guru of gab at fools fitness- Alan

TJ said...

HEHE!! Mine is all packed up and I can't wait to get it out at the new place. I will have a bit more room to move around too! Glad to have helped motivate ya! You go girl!

CactusFreek said...

Good on you for doing the do!
We spend too much time being defined by the scale. I wouldn't weigh in at all if i didn't so desprately need the accountabilty.
The only thing i can really do on Wii fit is the running. It's the only thing that i can do without the board - I'm too fat for it - how ironic! lol

wildfluffysheep said...

@ Dina
Definitely a big Yay this week. Wii's are soo much fun. I'm kinda addicted to mine.

Man, I wish I had made 7777. Yeah, you better get on the Wii, missus. :D I'm watching you... and thanks!

thanks :D I suck at it too but I am addicted to getting better at it!

*nods* you shall get there. 'Tis rather fun. But think of the money you're saving not having one...

@Fat Lazy Guy
Very true. *nods* I do love my pedometer. I didn't have the post weigh in treat as usual. I had a small one though. A snickers. :D

Yeah I know what you mean. I only did 3000 my first day but that totally motivated me to step it up lol pardon the pun. And thanks.

@ Ang
Not gaining was soooooo good this week. Thanks :D

I defo needed this maintain this week. Thank you for the salute. *salutes you back* oh yeah. lol I have heard about wii related injuries. The hula hooping did hurt my hip...

lol. oh yeah. LOL when I got out the bath and told my parents what I was thinking they laughed too though at the time I was quite serious. Thanks.

thank you very much. Yays alround.
you should get a wii fit, they're awesome. and thanks. I DO ROCK lol

thankyou for your wise weighty words. and thanks very much for stopping by.

:D Big thanks to you! Seriously addicted to breaking 600 points now lol. awww for your wii.....

@ CactusFreek
Thanks :D Man, the jogging on wii fit kills me. I did the round the island one and I was puffing like a steam engine.