Friday, 24 July 2009


oh my days a lot went down yesterday.

Lots of family trouble. All my fault. Sister went full on psycho at me and didn't talk to me for like three hours. And I confronted my dad about his promise to my mother that he wouldn't drink alcohol during the week when he came home drunk. After shouting at me, (he got really nasty and I told him I couldn't talk to him like that) he is still not talking to me this morning. But instead of crying and feeling like I was a horrible person who upsets everyone I took a deep breath and realised the only reason both of them got so angry and aggressive towards me because they don't like hearing the truth. And they don't like me standing up for myself either. Think that came as a bit of a shock to both of them. So right now. Fuck them. I am a person and sick of them talking down to me like I was some thing stuck on their shoes. I don't need it.

This is my attempted effort at making turkey patties. More like turkey burgers! I got the recipes from TJ. lol. Mine clearly do not look as yummy as hers. But my dad was not talking to me and was bustling round the kitchen getting in my way, not saying excuse me and actually bumping into me so I couldn't concentrate. So things went a little bit off track. And didn't up quite right. But they tasted yummy and are low calorie so frickin' woot :D thanks TJ...

I had planned to walk to and from the doctors this morning but alas it was pissing it down. And since I don't have an outdoor coat I had to get a ride there. The doctor says everything is fine. All the blood tests came back normal. Healthy healthy healthy apart from being fat, obviously. Blood pressure good. Cholesterol good. He thinks I could have PCOS. but there's nothing he can do about it. Just have to keep losing weight. I told him about hitting a plateau and not losing. He said just to do whatever exercise I do do it for 45 mins at least. Keep eating right and not weigh in weekly. He wants me to do it three monthly. THREE MONTHLY. he seems really nice and straight forward but there's no way I am doing that. He would like me to lose a stone every three months. So he gave me a target of 118kg for the next time I see him (unless I have to go back with another complaint).

I hope the rain lets up soon. I want to do my final C25K of the week. Killer but *fingers crossed*


Aimee said...

good girl - proud of you for sticking up for yourself!

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

God am I proud of you girl! No more shrinking violet!

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Not to worry. I'm convinced TJ has a personal chef, food stylist and professional photographer at her place.

Be proud of yourself for taking a stand. You won't get respect until you command it.

Anonymous said...

Big pat on the back for standing up for yourself! Glad to hear your healthy as a horse!!

Fat Lazy Guy said...

Good on ya for standing up for yourself! Fuck the haters, I say! But seeing as they're family, maybe only while they're still hating :D

And great to hear you're in tip top shape!

F. McButter Pants said...

Great job sticking up for yourself. I can't believe your dad was bumping into on purpose? How old id this guy? lol

I would be an eating machione if I had to live with so much tension! You're doing so GREAT.

When will you be going to to school? Are you counting the days?

Tricia said...

Good for you being strong, miss. Now go give my family a good talkin-to. Thanks!

TJ said...

So sorry about all the family drama my friend! Stay strong!!!

I LOVE YOUR TURKEY PATTIES!!! :) AWWW Im so happy that you made them!! I love passin on a recipe!! I love seeing people make my stuff!

Gotta go my personal chef is asking me what I want to eat today, and I gotta get my food photographer booked for today. All of this stuff is hard to do ya know! :) hehe

She-Fit said...

awh, sorry to hear about your family problems. Hang in there.
I do think you have a valid excuse for your dad getting in the way :)
Can I get that recipe?

Fat[free]Me said...

Bleddy rellies - nothing like em to really aggravate you, eh?

Those turkey burgers look delish - love TJ's recipes!

Glad you got the OK at the docs - if you do have PCOS, it could explain why you are struggling to lose - it is a Catch22 situation with it, losing weight makes it better, but it makes losing weight harder. You will have to be specially patient, but you can do it!

Good luck with today's C25K - it has been lashing it down all day here again. Fed up with it!

antgirl said...

It is not your fault for calling people on stuff and confronting them with truth. Their words are their issues and have nothing to do with you. Sorry to hear things are woggy for ya though.

Tension is tough, but it's worth standing up for yourself. Keep dishing it and they'll quit realizing they can get away with treating you that way.

Glad you are healthy. I think your burgers look pretty good. Taste is what counts most. :)

Carlos said...

those turkey burgers look yummy?

Monica said...

Great! I love how confident you are getting with yourself!

Kudos for at least trying to cook!