Thursday, 23 July 2009

Some of my friends are doing this free hug thing in a couple of weeks (part of a loony toon weekend I'll be involved in) and they want me to go along. However, I'm scared too. What if people don't want to hug me? People don't hug random people... they definitely don't want to hug random fatties. I really don't think I could handle lots of rejection. On the other hand it always looks like a lot of fun and its not like I go anywhere... maybe I can just help out with other crap and not do the hug thing?

I have finally stopped looking for the scales. Not only has my mother hidden it exceptionally well but I am no longer craving to find out the number. After last weeks gain, one day of bad numbers is enough for me. Which is really good because worrying over the scale was really shitty and I definitely do not need shitty right now. POSITIVE THINKING LEADS TO POSITIVE ACTIONS.

Nothing else to report. Exercise bang on. Eating clean and calorietastic. 10,000 steps almost everyday. Water at least 2 litres a day. Attitude? Good, strong, focused and ON IT.
Oh a little nervous about my doctors appointment tomorrow. Finally gonna tell me whats wrong with my period! Oh the joy.

c25k side note: the second one did not go any easier. infact my body is screaming NO MORE PLEASE SIMONE NOOOOO.... i think i may have to repeat week one. sucky. Because I was only jogging the intervals and gasping for breath like there was really no tomorrow. and they guy on the pod cast was all you shouldn't be out of breath blah blah blah. better lose some poundage with it or else...


Fat[free]Me said...

I bet you do get hugs (I did, even at my fattest), but helping in other ways is a good idea. Sounds like fun!

LOL about the scales - your attitude is great!

And I had to repeat MANY weeks on the C25K, it is only now I am able to progress well, so be patient - really it does get better!

(((hugs))) - see? One already!

anne h said...

Oh, for cute!
Here's another!

Allison said...

That hug thing sounds fun! I bet you'd get some hugs too. Who wouldn't want a hug???
Way to go on the c25k. I really need to get cracking on that because I want to run a 5K in October!

Aimee said...

period problems? ugh.

do the hugs. hugs feel good.

soooo proud of you - 10,000 steps each day rocks.

Fat Lazy Guy said...

Hey, I feel you on the hugging thing. I know you're not asking for advice, but if you were, I'd say go for it. Sure it's not a once in a lifetime thing, but pushing yourself outside your boundaries can be really fun and rewarding.

Good job on the scale :) I think you're pretty right on the positives!

Awesome to hear the eating and exercise is going crackers! Hope the docs appt goes well :)

And hey, if you have to repeat week 1, then so be it. It doesn't matter if you repeat, what matters is that you're doing it, and not giving up. I'm almost certain I'm going to have to repeat a week at some point, but this isn't about being perfect, it's about DOING it. And you ARE DOING IT!

MochaTrina said...

I'm doing the couch to 5K and I'm on week 2. Judging from yesterday, it looks like I'll be on week 2 again next week. I felt the same way you did. It was like my legs were moving and I wasn't going anywhere. Then I started looking around to see who I would want to revive me when I passed out.

jo said...

I'm not a hugger (except to hubby and DS) so that wouldn't be my cup of tea, BUT...I would definitely give you a hug. I think you should go for it. I think people that go to a hug thing like that are true huggers and don't give a hoot about body shapes!

Repeat your C25K week with joy. You'll get stronger and stronger. I couldn't do it at all, so do it in my name. lol ;-)

I do give lots of cyber hugs

Anonymous said...

I did probably about 4 weeks on the 1st step of C25K...and then gave up. I hated how high my heart rate got (and so fast). I really do want to get back into it though.......

Keep it up!


F. McButter Pants said...

I say you should risk rejection....hug away!

Sounds like everything healthy wise is BANG ON! Love that expression!

way to go babes!

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

The thing is Simone, if you don't try, you'll never know. And in the end you may regret not trying. But it's up to you in the end. We love you anyway!

I have my scale back. I love my scale. I hope hubby doesn't steal it away again. Proud of you for keeping a positive attitude!

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Everybody loves hugs.

antgirl said...

Go and participate as much as you are comfortable with. If nothing else, you can maybe hang out and meet some new people.

No scale = sanity. I kid you not.

The C25K thing is impressive. You go!

I'll get into this hugfest thing ... {{Hugs}}