Monday, 27 July 2009

the really super duper dreaded suicidal weigh in.

This is a pic of a heart drawn in the sky by the famous red arrows. Yep. I went to an air show. Pretty dull. Once you get past how amazing and skilful the pilots are and one set of planes do all the twirls and tricks. the next set is just crap. but whatever because I LOST. The air show was on the seaside. Oh the temptations... fish and chips, burgers, hotdogs, icecreams, sweets and beer... the list goes on. Did I succumb? Nope. My will power did not desert me once. I felt pretty chuffed with my self.

That's right 2lbs gone this week. Hopefully this is goodbye to the shitty stale mate I've been stuck on. Woot. Still don't think I am gonna make my mini target by the time I leave for my Ireland trip but right now I do not care. BECAUSE I LOST. Man, it just makes me happy to see the number move. The change in my stomach is looking quite dramatic and not to have it reflected on the scales was just frustrating.

Current weight: 19 stones 6 pounds (272 lbs)
Previous weight: 19 stones 8 pounds (274lbs)
Highest weight: 21 stones 3 pounds (297 lbs)
Weight loss this week: 2lbs GONE
Total weight lost: 1 stone 11 pounds (25 lbs)

I have yet to do my first session of week two c25k. I might have to go to the gym and treadmill it. The rain is not letting up here and its forecast like this for the rest of the week. Also I have a million blogs to catch up on... I thought the weekends were quiet....

Yep. This is the crotch area of my work out trousers. Well and truly fucked. That is the result of effort this last couple of weeks. Also the effects of ginormous thighs that never seem to shrink! But it means I got to buy some new ones. woot. which are nicer and comfier and was greeted with compliments. They're a tighter fit and don't hang loose, which everyone says makes me look slimmer so yay. Apparently my jeans hang down on me like a sack of potatoes and are not flattering. No one ever said that... I WEAR THOSE JEANS ALL THE TIME.

P.S. water, steps and veg all on track. *nods*

P.P.S i discovered I do actually like cucumber. And actually purchased one. *pat on the back to me* Another veg added to the list. Also I tried radish but the verdict is still pending.


F. McButter Pants said...

YIKES! You need new pants for HUGE congrats on the loss. I knew you could do it. Way to go with the willpower over the weekend. Mine wasn't so good. Ireland sounds awesome. Wish I was going!

Have a great day! You deserve it!

TJ said...

I knew this would be YOUR week to be loser! YOU GO GIRL! :)

LOL Those workout pants had good ventilation thats for sure! lol too funny!

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

Congrats on the awesome loss!!! So proud of you girl for stickin with it even though the scale was a major pooper!

I want to see your kick ass new workout gear!

Fat Lazy Guy said...

WOOP WOOP! Loss! So glad to read you're starting the week off happy :) Congrats, it's much deserved!

And those trousers were the trousers of a hard worker!

I hope week 2 goes well for you!

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the pants are a familiar sight. Can't tell you how many pairs I've lost to thigh rubbage!

Congrats on the weight loss and resisting all the temptations at the air show. I resisted fish and chips on this side of the pond this weekend. It wasn't easy! Keep it up!


She-Fit said...

WHooo! Way to go with the 2lb weight loss. Keep it up girl! You are doing such a great job.
ps- I think we need a pic of the new workout clothes :)

jo said...

Woo-hoo! You rock! 2 gone, avoiding temptations--I'm so happy for you!!!

lol at the pants. Glad you got new, better fitting.

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Way to wear out your knickers...

And super job on the losses, young lass. You're kicking some righteous ass.

Anonymous said...

Hurray!!! Awesome job not succumbing to the temptations and congrats on a fantastic 2 lbs gone forever baby!! Your smokin'! Keep up the great work chicky!

Losing Waist! said...

Kind of a weird visual to be talking of your new found love of cucumbers with a picture of pants with the crotch worn out... but then I just need to pick my mind up out of the fuckgutter!

FUCKINGFANTASTIC!! You sound encouraged... I am encouraged by you!

Fat[free]Me said...

I love air shows! Our Tornadoes came to visit you from here this weekend - I knows it. I also love the Red Arrows - they are so clever!

But heck, none of that is as fantastic as you finally, finally breaking through the plateau - WELL DONE!

Ew at the troosers, lol

Carlos said...

kick asss!

SeaShore said...

Congratulations on the loss this week! Woohoo!

Learning to be Less said...

I am SOOO happy for you! No one deserved that 2 pound loss more than you. I am smiling ear to ear.

Girl, those are some pants!! Ha, ha. I used to think the tighter, the more flaws show. I was proven wrong. The tighter, the more flattering.

Of course your pants are fallinf off! 25 pounds is ALOT of weight. Good for you!! Keep on rockin' it, just do it in your new pants.

Jenn said...

Wow, you shredded those pants! Just goes to show how hard you're working.
Great job on the loss! Whoo-hoo!

*Fitcetera* said...

First of all congratulations on the 2lbs gone!!!
Do you know how many great pants I've ruined by chub rub? too freakin many! so I completely emphathize with that situation.
do show off your new knickers for us!
lol @ Losing Waist's comment

antgirl said...

That is some awesome pants wearage ... erosion? ... awesome all the same. Almost looks like they were on fire.

Congrats on your loss, missy. The numbers and sizes do not always match what the eyes see and vice versa. Why? I have no idea. I don't think anybody does. It's one of the great mysteries of the universe ... like, where do the odd socks go and what sort of vortex keeps sucking up my chapsticks? Yeah, a question just like that.

You are like Xena warrior status with that resolve. Wooot Woooot!!

big_mummy said...

love your holey crotch- too funny.

i saw the red arrows on my hols too- were so british!! lol

fyi: my word verication is : ingsheep