Wednesday, 5 August 2009

wednesday and shizzle.

Nothing much to report. Feeling quite on plan! Rocked the gym yesterday! Went with my mam and chatty group. But I stayed and did an extra half an hour. No chatting. It sucked with out my mp3 player. (it went through the wash) but I powered through. I have noticed when I work out really hard, my face dimples. I GET WORK OUT DIMPLES. not cute dimples. Angry red ones. Bah. Oh boy did I stink coming back from there... felt great though.

On a happy note a new notch to my belt was added! That's right! Its the fourth extra hole and has had to go in the middle of a flower pattern! Probably should buy a new belt.... :D

Question: The flab on my arms is breaking up and all lumpy. The skin is going all funny. Any suggestions as what do about it? because really I don't work on my arms at all. Weights and stuff kinda scare me. Suggestions welcome :D

Tuesdays Check list:

minimum of 2 litres of water a day. DONE
10, 000 steps.11249 STEPS
no longer than 4 hours to blog.DONE
at least 5 portions of fruit/veg. 5 portions exactly
45 minutes of exercise every day. 1.5 hours at the gym and some stepping.
at least one form out door exercise. i walked to the co-op small but there it is.
complete my 30 day sports active on time this time. didnt have time. i think i am gonna struggle with this one!
plan meals. (especially for weekends away) DONE. i have prepared fish for later.


big_mummy said...

no thoughts on arms since mine is exactly the same and i keep thinking that!!

you washed your ipod?? doh!

Fat[free]Me said...

You are doing great - phew! It is half past lunch hour and I have done ****er all today. Will have to make up for it this evening.

Not sure why your arms are all funny, maybe it is the fat melting? Seriously don't be afraid of weights - just a little bit of muscle can help your metabolism. More muscle = more fat burn. And it tones, although my bingo wings are hanging on for dear life, hrmph.

Sorry about the MP3 player - disaster!

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

You are killing it! You're going to run out of room on that belt for notches. Keep up the great work!

Mary :: A Merry Life said...

The arms thing... eventually you will have to work on your arms and tho you don't have to do weights you will need some kind of strength training. Thats just how it is.

I love that checklist... it shows how great you are doing!

F. McButter Pants said...

You sound wonderful! Your attitude is great.

WOOHOO!~! On another notch in the a new one in

The arm thing is a problem for me too. I know I need to start working with weight. I am being a brat and prolonging it as much as possible.

Thanks for all postivie energy... I can feel it!

TJ said...

I just started to TRY to tone my arms. Small weights (5 pounders) high reps. I hate my granny arms, bingo wings, fat chub. lol I wanna wear a sleeveless sundress eventually- so I have to help that area!!!

You need a new belt soon!! Congrats on needing a new hole...that didnt sound right?? lol :)

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

Get a new belt woman!

I've got dimples on my face all the time. Fucking cabbage patch kids ones...Shirley Temple makes me look like I'm 12. I hate them.

If you're scared of weights use some resistance bands!

jo said...

I think that stinking is a very good thing!

You are rocking this!!!

I've noticed that right before I shrink a bit, things get all soft and lumpy. I don't know if it's fat breaking down or what, but it is weird. Other times everything is very firm. I'm in lumpy stage right now--arms, thighs and stomach.

I'm not good with the strength training thing, but I think it's key and what you're looking for for your arms.

Allison said...

You should totally start doing some weights for your arms! You don't have to start out big and pump 50 lbs. weights or anything. But added in some weights will probably help with your arms.
There's a machine at my gym called the tricep dip that I love. Maybe your gym has something similar? Or you can use free weights. Please look into it! :)

antgirl said...

Woooooot! On the belt notch. That's really exciting.

Weights is the answer for loose, flabby skin. 5 lbs may be too much to start. Start with one pound.

There are dvds for toning, or there are probably machines and trainers at your gym that can help you devise a routine.

There's the old standby, pushups.

Any or all of these will improve those and get you a set of guns. Bet you get guns before me. I'll be so jealous, Simozzle.

arielcircleofnine said...

YEEESSSS!!!! get a new belt, one you love!
And...I totally agree with what Jo said here: "right before I shrink a bit, things get all soft and lumpy."
That has happened to me also, and though all soft and lumpy is not what I want the finished product to be, it is exciting to see those changes. Your body is changing by the day!

Fit Fabulous 40's Flab Free said...

Yep the arms for me are a thing too... but I am afraid that you will have to work out your arms and it is better to start now then later when you have lost more weight (sorry). Woohoo on the notch in your belt that is fantastic. Well done

Carlos said...

congrats on taking it up a notch!

She-Fit said...

WOW! Look at you! You are doing great on your workouts. If you want to work on your arms you are going to have to lift weights. I taught my mom to use veggie cans from our pantry. It's less intimidating and cheaper. Push-ups are always good too or getting on the elliptical and focusing on pushing and pulling on the handles.

MackAttack said...

THat's an awesome checklist! Not sure about the arm lumps, I make sure I do push ups etc to try to get them muscular (I'm vain like that!)

Fat Lazy Guy said...

Kicking major ass! Awesome stuff :)

Weights are your friends! No need to be scared. They're inanimate objects which are heavy, that's all :D

foolsfitness said...

I'm so impressed to see how you've got the check list going. You're making conscious proactive choices... I noticed that with another blog I just saw too.

I'm going somewhere in time, even if it's nowhere or backwards... so I should try to focus on making steps forward (or perhaps over 10,000 a day huh?)

Stepping around eating right and exercise is the Foolsfitness way!-Alan