Wednesday, 9 September 2009

HELLO I am not dead :D

Hello. It's true. I am not dead. Just internetless. Boooooooo.
Very sucky.

Finally all moved in. Internet should arriva by friday so I should be locked and loaded and ready to catch up on all your lovely blogs by the weekend. I forgot how busy and stressful moving places can be. Just unpacked. It's not the best looking flat but I puffy heart it. Location is perfect. And this place is not infested with mold or nasty neighbours.

Weigh on Monday had me up 6lbs but I am already averaging 13 thousand steps a day here so I am not too worried about it. Uni doesn't start til the 21st so I am still not in any real routine but hopefully things should settle down this week now theres no more unpacking and shit to do. I am just happy not to be sleeping on a fricking air bed!!!

Eating hasn't been good at all. Kinda been exploring the area so lots of eating out but now we now about everything that will stop. The wii is now hooked up. I am back to drinking water. So yeah things are good. I am all smiles.

I thought my whining might send some of you packing but misery obviously loves company because I've gained some new followers! Helllllllllloooooooooooooooo.

over and out
the NONE moany Simone-y


HopeFool said...

I was all set to ask if you got your Wii hooked up, and you did! Yay!

Love your attitude here.

F. McButter Pants said...

You make me smile! I am SO glad you aren't sleeping on the air bag too!

How funny, misery really does love company, why do think there are

Love that you focused on the positives that you are doing. make me laugh.

I told things would turn around after you got back to school

hugs and kisses

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

Happy to hear you're doing well Simone!

big_mummy said...

i miss you!!!! cmon the internet, not too long.

thanks for the delay in my text bitch sticks. xx

TJ said...

so happy that you are happy! :) way to get the wii set up! You rock! :)

Carlos said...

yay! you made it!

antgirl said...

Smiling?! Smiling! Hurraaah!

Glad to hear it Simone. Your namesake makes her debut in chapter 18 [i'm on 17].

Bet you do better now that you can settle in some place and be more comfortable.

Krys Tros said...

Moving is never really as fun as the thought of moving is. Hope you enjoy your new home!-K.T.

Emily said...

moving is a nightmare (coming from someone who just moved). You are so good having unpacked everything already!! I am only half way through!!
Glad you are happy!! You should have stuck some pins in the air matress before you left so it can't be used ever again! LOL
have a great day!!

Learning to be Less said...

I can feel your smile from here. I am SOOOOOO happy for you. Getting into routine will make you feel so much better.

Maybe you can be the nasty neighbor this time.

*fitcetera* said...

none moany simone-y ... i think that's a dance :D

so very very happy to hear this new chapter is beginning for you (in more ways than one according to antgirl ... super kewl!!!)

*puffy heart kisses*

anne h said...

No mold? No nasty neighbors?
What would that be like?
Cool flat!

Fat Lazy Guy said...

So this ISN'T a message from beyond the temporal plane?

Glad to hear you enjoy the new flat. And woot for no air beds!

Stay good :)

MackAttack said...

So glad you are getting settled in. I hope your internet has been installed!

Mary :: A Merry Life said...

You are back! HURRAY! Glad to here things are getting to normal. :)