Thursday, 25 February 2010

blah to two pounds!

This quorn for all of you that asked. It's meat free meat looking items. I usually just have the mince but I can't get really low fat mince from any where. You can't tell the difference.

I am still two pounds up. It's not official till tomorrow. But I don't think it is gonna shrink over night. Though I feel a little bloated so we'll see how that goes. I am going to the gym regardless.

Can't believe I ate all that crap at the weekend. I suck. I feel like I am never going to make it below the 19 stone mark.


Alexia said...

Simon, do you limit yourself to a number of calories (or points) per day? That helps me with overeating.

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

Okay step number one, quit stepping on the damn scale until WI.

Step number two, stop using the weekend as an excuse to over do it!

Step number three...well there is no step three. You know I love you Simone, and I want to, and WILL see you succeed! Get to that gym girlie!

Katie J said...

Drink lots of water and just hope for the best Simone!

You WILL get to goal even if I have to come over there and kick your arse to do it! xoxox

Have fun at the gym!

Emily said...

so - what is it made of? soy or something? I have heard of it..

Keep your chin up. :o)

Learning to be Less said...

So what is mince exactly?

2 pounds is nothing. I am up 4. In a month. The shortest month of the year in fact. I feel like a fat bloaty pig. I am still working out everyday but man am I jiggly (more so than usual)!

Alexia said...

Hey, come pick up an award from my blog!

antgirl said...

You don't suck. Make a game plan you can stick to. You're working out, so that's something.

Vietnamese Burritos

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