Wednesday, 6 October 2010

bad times.

I am finally beginning to see my ankle. Definitely good. But it is still swollen and quite painful. I had to squeeze it in a shoe so I could go meet my new boss and had to walk up and down stairs. It is fair to say I am in agony today.

I am lying on the couch with my ankle propped up on cushions so it is higher than my hip. I am having ice packs regularly on it and am counting down the time to my next set of pain killers.

I have had take out three times already this week.
No exercise.

Weigh in isn't looking good tomorrow. But I am definitely not going to skip it. Mostly because now I am paying for it.... and I'm poor.


Debby said...

Well if you're in pain and nobody will fix you food, I don't see a whole lot of alternative to take out. Hope the ankle heals soon! Ask someone to bring you in fruit at least to munch on maybe?

Beth @ fatbustermack said...

Oh those cankles are pretty aren't they :) don't forget to do your ABCs with your toes and I know it hurts but move it! You don't want a DVT! I hope you feel better soon, those sprains hurt like hell!