Monday, 4 October 2010

The consequences of hiking!

Yep. I fell off a rock hiking. And my ankle has swollen to three times the size. I did this on Saturday and none of the swelling has gone down. I spent four hours in accident and emergency to find out it wasn't broken, thank frick for that. I start a new job in less than a week and need it to be better. They gave me crutches but I can barely hobble. The pain is immense.

Exercise is completely out of the window. I am trying not to snack while I have my foot higher than my hip and under an ice pack. I am bored of reading and have been facebooking far too much.

My eating at the weekend was great. Pre-prepared food went well. Went on a great hike til I fell. I had to walk 3 hours on my swollen foot. It was not fun. I hope I burnt some calories.

Not looking forward to this weeks weigh in!
Feeling very snacky.


F. McButter Pants said...

Man you did twist it! OUCH! Eat all of the fruits and veggies you want. Try popcorn to much on too. Drink water. You can practice with those crutches getting up and down to pee.

arielcircleofnine said...

OMG ouchies ouchies!!!! Here's hoping the swelling begins to go down and you feel better soon. Try not to get overwhelmed with everything going on in your life at the moment--just take care of you right now!

Scuttleboose said...

OUCH! I am glad that it is not broken, but I hope that you start feeling better immediately! Lots of hugs!

big_mummy said...

i know i have already given you a hard time, but dammit i specificlly told you on IM NOT to try and kill yourself.

OUCH, is all i think. I twisted my ankle bad like that and its still not 100%. All because i rushed thing, dont rush, ice it, elevate it, do as your told.

Snack healthily, its fine xx

(i think its funny my word verification is "itsirtin" (it's 'urtin)

TJ said...

OMG! I leave for a few days and you go and mess up your ankle! lol BE GOOD OVER THERE!!! YIKES! :(

M Pax said...

Ow!! That looks really painful. Just keep the eating under control & you'll be fine.

My word verification says 'phuct'. I took a picture. lol