Thursday, 7 October 2010


Not feeling like going to my w.w meeting tonight.
I hate knowing a gain is coming.


Anonymous said...

Hi! I am new here and am now following your blog. It is so inspiring to meet others striving to be healthier. Please feel free to pop by my blog sometime. I am new and would love another follower!

Hope you're weigh in wasn't as bad as you expected. Tomorrow is always a new day :)

TJ said...

I say go, face the scale. Why might learn something NEW at the meeting or meet someone NEW to help inspire you! :)

Katie J said...

You need to go sweetie! It will be rough but you will feel better for going.

Life as a Caterpillar said...

Please go! You might be surprised, plus it is so important to keep on track in the early days. I felt bloated and puffy and was tempted to skip last weeks (ONLY FOR A MILLISECOND, I love it too much to miss it) and then i went and found out i had lost 3lbs!
Please go tonight, i know you wil get strength and help from your meeting


Debby said...

Aw it'll be fine. Nobody is going to fault you for a gain. You might get some inspiration!

M Pax said...

If it is a gain, it's temporary. Injuries are tough. The first time I did WW, I sprained my knee in the middle of it. No workouts for me. And I ate a lot of sugar. Something about injuries make my body want sugar. [normally I'm not a big sugar fan].

I still lost weight. I didn't go to my meetings tho. Cause I was in a splint and on crutches and it was hard for me to get around. We lived on the top floor of garden apartments [euphemism for no elevator] and the stairs were outside. One trip up & down a day was all I could handle. Plus, my roommate was afraid I was going to split my head open. Me, too. I was not very coordinated on the crutches.

To sum, work on your food habits & you can get back at being active when you're able. You can still make a success of it.